Ok, well. This project had about 75% of the modelling done in blender and all of the rigging and rendering done in 3D studio max. If you don’t like that, then don’t look at it. The skin was done in blender and a fair bit of the internals was too. I switched over when I decided I was going to animate it(I find max easier for animation, and I’ve only got another 10 days to animate it).

The rigging isn’t perfect, but the schedual forces me to move on quickly. So I have to declare this finneshed. The cogs are all controlled by the rotation of one cog, and the face has full morph targest for both internal and external parts. Anyway, crits welcome.

I might pull this back into blender at a later date, and use it to teach myself skinning, rigging, and animation in blender. This, and also because I like blenders internal renderer better than max’s.

I like what I see here - although it’s a pity that you had to turn to 3DS Max due to your schedule - maybe there’s more time in your next project ;).

The look is absolutely high-class - the only crit I have is that the body interior could need more details, cables or stuff. It looks a bit dry compared to the head and the legs. Oh, and the shadow looks a bit off.

Very good work.

Looks cool :slight_smile: can’t wait to see an animation… as far as switching over to max: we’re all artists, and should be allowed to use whatever tools we find appropriate for the task.

Cool model. Maybe some extra internal detail in the abdominal area.
Can´t wait to see this one animated, in Blender or Max :slight_smile:

Wow. I can’t believe this kind of garbage gets on this forum. I expected more, but this was just pathe–


Great work. :stuck_out_tongue: Cool idea. I’d like to see a version done completely in blender, just to compare.

Awesome modelling and texturing. :smiley:

I think this is one rabbit that won’t end up as a dinner dish to some wolf ;).

cool rabbit! the tail bones look a bit weird though.

I think this is one rabbit that won’t end up as a dinner dish to some wolf

Lol, true :slight_smile:

I think the wolf is the one that will be the dinner dish :wink:

Very nice work, I’d like to see this rabbit in an environment, with a better render (you know, some shiny metal texture, reflections, grass trees etc…)
Other then that the model itself is good :slight_smile:


i like i like !!

Very interesting!

I’ve never seen something like this!

The body does need much more interior, however I really don’t hve time to improve on it, and I definately don’t have time to rig up a bunch of wires. The lighting does need to be fixed, and will be for the animation. Thanks for your help.

Thanks, I feel the same way, however I really would like to be able to animate well in blender just to avoid licence fees. So I will have to teach myself when I have time.

unless I make a uber-maechanical wolf :wink: although don’t have time for that right now.

That has to come in time, however for now I’m going to keep it on the shadow texture and focus on animation.

As for a blender version. I really hope I can get it done. Anyway. Thanks for all your replies glad most of you like it. And I will try and fix as much of it as possible.(oh yeah, modron, I fixed the tail up.)

Great job. One mean lookin cyborg rabbit. Only one crit, and since there hasn’t been an animation posted yet, I may be entirely wrong. Anyway, in the second image the rabbit looks like it’s walking like a cat or dog. And rabbits have a very distinct run/walk pattern, unlike a cat or dog. They move their rear feet ahead of their front feet at the same time. Of course at walking speed it wouldn’t really be ahead, more towards even. shrugs

But, like I said, perhaps the animation will prove this post unnecessary. Regardless, great model.

I wonder why you rendered it in 3dsmax. It doesnt look better than what Blender can do.

Your right, I realised this shortly after I posed it. But as it was only a deformation test I thought what the hell, I’ll render anyway. But I am going to have to look at a lot of reference vids if I am to get this right. I can’t fully see how it works in my head yet, and the only way to learn is to watch.

Sure, blender can do this… Infact I would have loved to use a touch of ambient occulation, and probably would have liked blenders output better. However I rendered through max because I like max’s animation tools, and I didn’t have time to learn blenders. Thats all. I do intend on learning how to animate and rig stuff in blender though.

This must be the most twisted bunny I ever layed eyes on… But I must admit, it looks really nice, and like said before, too bad you ahd too switch to MAX for the animation. Good one!