cyborgs n stuff

I really like this kind of stuff Battle Angel, Ghost in the shell; at least I used to. that kind of stuff doesn’t seem to be very popular in Japan though (at least as far as I know).

feed back appreciated.

wow that’s so … wow …

my tablet broke, and my computer was being … well … upgraded …
so i didnt have anytihng ot do any art work with for a while :S

thus lack of progress

thought that studying things like this might help me improve

at first i thought that the color was orange but then it occured to me the color of anything is not often the color of anything … well … appears. the color of what things appears can be heavily influenced by their environment, by things and lights in their environment

ummm … i still have trouble with coloring things T_T

looking good, keep it going. I love the subject matter - have so since I was very young. First time seeing Macrosse on tv I was drawn in and lost days watching.

looks good!

Dude, nice work I should seriously try and sit down and draw one of these bad boys you have inspired me.

P.S. I just noticed there are some places along the borders of the Briareos you’ve got some colour bleeding. I’m no expect on drawing mechanical stuff but through my studies and what I have seen the pros do is a lot of is some form of masking. Pen tool to create selections, clipping maskings, polygon lasso, locking the alpha of your layers etc.

Personally I would do a ton of masks for this because with masks you can paint with big brushes and get nice clean edges and surfaces with good gradation in them

that’s definitely a good suggestion

I’ve done some lasso-ing before and found that toggling between the different tools and tool options seemed to eat time and can give me some ugly looking edges.

maybe im doing something wrong?

hmmm … ive gotten pretty rusty. seem to recall being faster and better at this (not that i was very good to begin with) such as what occurs if your putting in 40 hours in survival job T_T i get maybe 4-5 hours in the day to do as i please. how do you organize your time?

prioritize what’s important to you and just do that?