Cycle Engine - Creating a Hologram?

I’ve been trying to find tutorials on how to do this, but all of them seem related to the internal renderer, I’m not sure if that’s because the current Cycles Engine can’t ‘do’ holograms or if no one just hasn’t attempted one; but if its possible that the Cycles Engine can’t do it then I have no idea how to combine an internal render with a cycles render (never done it, nor tried)

Thus my question is, I have a texture that I would like to project from a bracelet I am designing, in this case the bracelet is one that monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, that kind of stuff and projects it in the form of a hologram for you to read but I don’t know how to get the holographic effect in this engine.

Well, I did this a while ago.
Since I’ve originally did this, hair in cycles has been implemented. So it can by fully done in cycles, but is unnecessary since the hair is heavily composited. You can find the process here:
The difference between the tutorial and what you want is that the indirect lighting scene is replaced by a cyles scene with a light emitting material.

This should be an example of what I did.

Two words: Transparent + Emission. I watched Ray’s video so long ago that I can’t remember how he did his, but my setup is just like that. A transparent node mixed with an emission node. Also, for extra fun, you can unwrap your hologram object and do like a noise banding type texture like in the Star Wars holograms.

Basically I unwrapped my holo object (a Suzanne. I gotta show some support) with ‘project from view’ for my UV map, and then scaled it along the Y axis to get banding lines. Then through some more witchcraft, I made it blueish. Awesome.

It needs a lot more work, but that’s basic.