Cycle render Issue_Why Do my objects show different(slanted) in cycle render?

Hello guys,

I have an issue with my objects in cycle render, which is some door frames look slanted in cycle render. If it is in eevee render/material viewport, the door frames look straight and fine. But if I render in cycle mode, frames looks slightly slanted or leaned somehow. Is it something like bug in cycle render???

I don’t know what I could do right now. Someone could help me to solve this problem?

If the door frame has a mirror-like material, it may be an illusion caused by the mirror image of the door on the door frame.

Looking at that, best I can. It either looks like you have some weird transparency issue, or the normals are flipped on the door, so it’s showing stange behaviour. If you look at the frame area, you can see the cycles one appears deeper. Try tunring on face orientation overlay in solid mode and see if any are showing up red.