Cycle Texture Baking

Hello Everyone!
I have a problem, and believe me, I’ve done research to find solutions, but haven’t found any. So I would sincerely appreciate your help.
I am not taking about baking things like shading and shadows, I just want the texture.

So here is the problem, I draw the texture onto the plain, how I want it to look, then I save and close blender, then when I come back on, the texture returns to black, and I don’t see my texture anywhere.

Maybe you know a tutorial that fixed this or you personally know how to fix this, let me know.

When you say ‘save and close blender’ do you mean that you saved the scene?
In this case you have failed to save the image itself, blender does not do it automatically.
So, after baking, you have to save the image in the Image editor, from the Image menu.


The baked image is saved onto a temporary texture. Either pack the texture into the blend file, or save it externally (on a image file).