Cycles 2.8 Glossy/Anisotropic Roughness

Has something changed behind the scenes with how the Glossy and Anisotropic BSDFs handle roughness? I’m finding my old materials are much shinier now. I know the Principled BSDF handles roughness scaling differently (squared value, I think?). Was this change also applied to stand-alone glossy/anisotropic in 2.8? That’s going to be a lot of work to tweak my 2.79 shaders…

Yes - roughness value changed.

Before 2.8 the roughness value of principled and glossy were different. Principled used values equivalent to the square of glossy roughness.

For example to get the same roughness in principled as a roughness of 0.5 in glossy, you’d need to use a value of 0.7071.

As of 2.8 the roughness values for glossy, glass, aniso etc have been harmonised with principled - so if you want to make your old materials look the same as before, you need to square the roughness values in all of your old materials.

Thanks for confirming that moony. I figured it had to be something like that but couldn’t find a specific reference to that change. I guess this will be a good excuse to refactor my old materials…

I think I have to take the square root of the old values, though, not square them. If roughness was .25 before it should now be .5, not 0.0625

Yep - that’s what I meant :wink: