cycles always renders a frame

I am new to Blender and I must have done something wrong with my settings.
Whenever I render in cycles, it always renders a frame instead of the image. If I change the sampling it does not help with the resolution. When I use to render an image with cycles and I would set the sampling to say 500 and would get a good image. It now shows frame 1 or whatever frame I am set at, but I don’t want to render a frame I want to render an image and get good rendering by setting the sampling higher. When I change the sampling value it does not change my rendering resolution. If I set the sampling to 500, the rendering stays the same if I set it to 10.
I sure would appreciate any help on this matter. Thanks

Please always supply a .blend file that illustrates the problem with any support question!
You could e. g. upload the file to pasteall and post the download link here.

Your settings will be saved into the .blend file, which makes it easier for us to understand your problem.
BTW1: A frame is an image.
BTW2: The number of samples has nothing to do with the render resolution (= height and width of an image in pixels).

I don’t exactly understand what your problem is. Does it render an animation instead of a still image? Do you have problems with the sampling?

If you’re having problems with the output size, you can change it in the render tab, I believe it’s called “Dimensions” or “Resolution”. Make sure that the slider below it is set to 100%.
If you’re having problems with sampling (btw, sampling determines the quality of the image, not the size, in case you were wondering), maybe you’ve accidentally set your desired samples to “preview” instead of “render”.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, try attaching a screenshot of the problem, a screenshot of your settings, or a blend file.