Cycles and alpha texture ?

Is there a way to use an alpha texture in blender ?

i found this tutorial bit it only seems to work with b&w images…

is it possible to use a normal image like a leave image with transparency ?


anybody ??? 8o

hellowwwww ???

In blender yes…

with cycles… no. You need to save the alpha channel as a separate image (or image sequence)


And then you can use that as a “fac” in a “mix” closure mixing diffuse and transparent closures together (as a simple example) as i guess the tutorial you found will tell you.

just one more thing on the big list of unimplemented stuff in cycles!

The simpliest is probably the best :eyebrowlift2: ! :

Edit : Of course, I forget to say that in this example, I used two textures with an alpha channel. The first is the leaf surrounded by the black colour and the second wathe the leaf texture, surrounded by transparency. If you want to use only one texture, use the second but invert the color with the Color>invert node !

An other way, much more practice, wich allows you to put another texture behind a mask mich is connect on the “Fac” entry of a Mix shader node :

In this case, it’s a real alpha mask. You can do this, no matter the texture you want to put behind the mask.
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Enjoy !