Cycles and pixel perfect textures

I’ve only been using Blender a few days so I’m probably doing something wrong, but I can’t get Cycles to render a texture with no blurring.

Example Screenshot

The texture is fine in the UV map and Perspective windows but blurred when rendered. I have OpenGL Mipmaps turned off in user preferences.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

you need to wait a while to get better results

and also increase your samples value to 100 or more in render panel/ integrator panel


Thanks but that screenshot above was taken after 300 samples. I’ve left it rendering over 1000 samples and it’s still just as blurry.

It’s not the render noise that’s the problem but the texture is blurred like it’s been resized or has mipmaps or something.

then can you upload the file so we can look at it !

happy 2.6

This is an effect called “mipmapping”, where a sample is taken of each pixel then overlayed again. This is used to make textures on complex UV layouts to look more even, without being able to see individual pixels.

I don’t believe it is yet possible to turn mipmapping off in Cycles, although I know it was possible in BI…
So basically, i can explain the problem but not really help you…

well then if this is the case report it has a bug
and see the answer back !

it may be corrected !

happy 2.6

OK thanks. Guess I’ll have to wait.

I guess is a resolution matter. What is the resolution of the image?
Did you subdivide the cube? If the image is low res and the object not subdivided
then the image has to stretch to match the UV.
In edit mode hit A to select all faces of the object then hit W and then select subdivide, do it a couple of times (subdivide)
and increase the resolution of the image, or even better remake it in a High Res Doc this time.
This isn’t a render engine bug, is a texture problem.