Cycles and Tesla C1060

I can get C1060 really cheap and I wonder if it’s going to work with cycles. If not, I’m not buying it. That’s why your answers to this post are very important for me. I also wonder if it wouldn’t be better if I bought a bit newer graphic card like GTX460 or something like that. I need the device only for GPU rendering.
The other question is: What is the precision of computations required by Cycles? If it’s 32 bit (single precision), it’s splendid because in this case, C1060 reaches 900Gflops. In the case of 64bit (FMA or double precision), the device is really slow (about 70) so it’s not even worth buying.
The last (and the least important question) is: Can I make both Tesla and Radeon HD4870 work on a single mobo? Unfortunately 4870 doesn’t support OpenCL 1.1 ;(
Please answer asap :3

It should work with Cycles —>
And cycles, as most render engines, uses single precision.
Also, depending on your mobo, it should not be a problem to run a second GPU, since the tesla does not have a graphic output.

Though it still might be questionable if you really want to get this card. The dual C2070 used in the mango project is not as fast as a dual GTX 580 setup- the only advantage is the larger amount of VRAM (and the use of ECC-RAM). It’s true strength comes with DP calculations, where the Geforce cards are capped at, if i remember right, at 1/8th of the performance.

If you’re lucky, some of the more knowledgeable users on this forum will speak up and give you some further advice.

The good thing is that I can get this video card for a ridiculously low price (about $100) and that’s why I’m going to get it! :smiley:

Now that makes me quite jealous… Got a second one for sale? :wink:

Unfortunately not. I got an auction where it started from $1 and apparently nobody is interested in buying it xD 1 day left till the end so hopefully nobody will bid at the last moment. For that situation I’ve got a nice bot that bids 1 sec before the end xD

So, did you get it?