Cycles Bake - No valid objects selected

When i try to bake objects in my scene i get the error “Not valid objects selected”.
The only things i can bake is the two first objects i created, the ground and a house but nothing else. I have done everything correctly, Unwrap, create image, add node with the image in the materials. Any ideas? :eek:

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I know it’s late for a reply, I found the solution and I guess I can post it for anyone interested.
This problem occurs whenever you try to bake your object with the “Selected to active” ticked ON. This option is used if you have multiple objects selected and want to bake all of them at once.
Remember in that case also to mark the texture nodes you want baked to in every obejcts’ material.


Thank you, you’ve just saved me lots of time (of fruitless seeking that magic doodah responsible for non-working-as usually in Blender ))) !

I have a problem also without “selected to active” pressed and this is the shadows don’t are computed.
There are no shadows, how can I fix it?

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Thanks dude! Learning noob starting with 2.8. You helped me a lot.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem when “Selected to Active” is NOT on?

Thanks man that was useful

Hey everyone!

In my case , it happened when I finished retopology and used Toggle Restriction for selectables, then disabled the HiRes Model, so afterwards In the Toggle Restriction I removed the selectables option forgetting to enable selectability for the HiRes Model. Thats how I had my " No Valid Objects Selected" : )

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You need to have a Camera in you scene as well.

You just save me there. Thank you so much!!!

Sorry to add to the necro here, but this came up at the top of my search hits.

I didn’t need a camera in my scene, but I did find that both my objects needed to be visible. I had hidden my high poly mesh and apparently that makes it an invalid object.