Cycles baking is here

OK, It worked.
I managed to bake combined with great results. Box mapping converted to UVs nicely (very handy if you follow me)
Tried to bake diffuse only, it gives me a kind of normal colors something.
AO worked but I can’t tell if it is correct.
Normals baking worked, it captured all the sculpting details. Unfortunately, the normal space is wrong, seams are visible and islands have wrong space as I said. There is no margin option in px, bleeding, you know, I wonder what normal space happens on seams.
(sorry for my english, but you probably understand what I’m talking about)

It is very handy, already. I feel quite happy. Many many thank you.

About instructions, all modes like Normal, should be (‘NORMAL’)

This is very cool, Ive just downloaded the code from github and started hacking the code to build cycles standalone for windows with bake support to test things out. Also have to take a closer look at the main function for baking code (maybe this is the magic bullet code i was looking for with my custome Embree 2.2 builds for my realtime/Game engine. Great work

Ps If someone has a working windows build already PLEASE upload to


I wonder.
How to bake - transfer from a UV set to a second UV set? What UV set is the active one?
Very important, as BI baking tents to mess (blur) textures.
Supposing you might use a nice tiled texture (wood something) and bake it on a regular UV set for exporting.

Great news! Thanks a lot to devs, this is a really important feature!

I don’t know if this is related, but I believe that in some way it is… Are we also going to have UDIM support? I am dealing with this workflow right now, and even if it is possible to use multiple uv tiles in Cycles, it is a bit a pain.

It would be nice to have UDIM support at least for shaders, and why not, for baking as well… Is this planned?

Here we are.
Normal maps (my mistake sorry) work just fine. It is Object space.
here a multires fast sculpting example.
On the left the multi res, on the right the base (500 faces but added a subsurf because you know, cycles termination issues)

@ Dalai,
Yo bro, working on a Win64 build,
I had to stop to go to work, tomorrow I’ll try to catch up with you on irc, and get a win build up on ga

Noticed that when I clone your repo, these 2 folders were missing files…
copied trunks, then compile was off -n- running, till…
3 errors =

error: identifier "kernel_path_integrate_lighting" is undefined
 error: too few arguments in function call
 error: too few arguments in function call
3 errors detected in the compilation of "C:/Users/Tungs/AppData/Local/Temp/tmpxft_00000bac_00000000-8_kernel.cpp1.ii".
scons: *** [D:\MyBuilds\bake-cycles\build\Bake_Cycles_Win7.x64-\intern\cycles\kernel\kernel_sm_20.cubin] Error 2
edge.obj : warning LNK4221: no public symbols found; archive member will be inaccessible
aabb.obj : warning LNK4221: no public symbols found; archive member will be inaccessible
scons: building terminated because of errors.

Windows 7 x64, MSVC 2008 Pro, Cuda Toolkit 5.5 (Driver 332.21), Scons…
(aging)Q6600 cpu,8 gig Mem, Evga 560 graphic with 332.21 Drivers

Maybe I should use Cuda Toolkit 5.0 hmmmm, wish I had more time :confused:
Hope to get a build up tomorrow

Props on your work my friend :slight_smile:

great :slight_smile: we will use it in our next ios top selling game :slight_smile:

Hey michalis, good one, an example with box mapping baking diffuse or combined would be cool to see.

@michalis, strangely, I think the normal map looks better, as if the details are sharper. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks.

will you do a BI comparison?

edit: are both examples in the same scene? if so, they probably have slightly different lighting, and thats probably throwing me off a bit.

Both examples in the same scene, lighted by a sun. Sorry. (I also turned off GI in cycles to be sure)
I find the multires (on the left) a little sharper, our eyes seeing things now.
Let’s be reasonable, right?
Compared to the BI normal maps? BI creates a non AA map, it has a few small artifacts, it can’t support the 0 multires level. And, these are just a few odds.
Patience. It is too early. But, I will say it. Good by BI.

So great work Dalai.

I will also add this.
Handling the console, I found this no-UI thing friendlier then the BI baking UI.
I just had to clean myself from the dirt, it took me 15 mins. LOL

edit, posting the same time, sorry
@marco, I can bake (composite mode) box mapping, great results. But I didn’t manage to bake a single diffuse map yet, weird results. Maybe I do something wrong. We’ll see.
you gonna love it.

Btw, you actually can bake to multires level 0 using BI in 2.70. Someone (I want to say psy-fi?) added it a few months back.

he he
No, not Psy fi, some other developer.
Actually it is not working as expected. Unfortunately.
J_the_ninja, did you manage to get any good results from 0 level baking?
It is more complicated because it involves ‘apply base’ under multires.

The method, as it stands now, is not supporting modifiers. I mean we have to apply them first.
fair enough, for the moment.

This development works with cycles standalone version ?

Patience carlosan.
it is too early. Still experimental, almost workable already.
Indeed, good question.
How it could work on another application, that can provide cage meshes etc?
Like 3dcoat for instance (if you can stand it, I mean you are against GNU, aren’t you?)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and … Thank you!!!

CoDEmanX already had a win64 build up on graphicall

Here’s mine as well… Bake_Cycles_Win7.x64-6c144bc
No Cuda kernels

Happy Baking :stuck_out_tongue:


We might have another parameter, to control the bleeding? (margin)

Any docs about what to type to bake other passes? Right now Diffuse bakes a data pass for example, not light pass. I tried to look at source code but can’t find the right file to look into.

Can’t seem to get it to work, I feel quite the noob right now.

Did you select ‘python console’ as the place to type the code vs. info or something. Python console is at the very top. Your grey window looks the wrong colour.
As for me the uvs seem mayhem producing blocky results. I tried a cycles material on a plane and it did it beautifully. On a sensibly unwrapped object its not the case. anyone have any advice.
Mine is, … if it looks hideous try the material out on a plane and if you have a normal map, you can connect that to the diffuse node, just nothing to the displacement node.

Edit… Apply modifiers!!! to avoid that blocky look, don’t just have them enabled (like it says above)