Cycles baking problem (artefacts)

Guys I have a problem with cycles baking NM. All bakes well but with a lot of artefacts. Using The same mesh Substance baking with no artefacts. What the problem with Blender?

Here NM closer

People need to see what you’re working with and how you baked. The mesh, UV map, material setups, object properties, modifiers and bake settings. Easiest to show those is to prepare an example .blend with enough geometry to bake and fail.

The result is just a tip of an iceberg. No point in guessing how big it is.

Its happens with all geometry that I baking in Blender, now i prepair blend file and upload here

Here file and result


untitled.blend (542 KB)

Your image is 8 bit per component, and thus incapable of rendering some minute differences on the (supposedly) flat tops. If you render to a 32-bit float image that artifacts will disappear.
In case you can’t use a 32-bit image, you could try shading those tops flat so they really are flat.

Hmm i will try tomorrow to save exr 32bit, and why substance painter and desinger bake with no artefacts?

Oh man it works! Thank you very much for your help, now I owe you a beer :slight_smile: Here the result exr file 32float NM from the same geometry