cycles baking VERY slow

compared to a standard cycles render with the same sampling and frame size, baking takes many MANY times longer. like, something that might take under a minute to render from a camera view could take OVER an hour to bake. never noticed this kind of descrepancy between blender internal rendering vs baking.

am i doing something wrong? do other people experience this?


thanks for the link, i’d done a preliminary search but missed that one, sorry.

as that thread seemed to resolve itself to basically “thats the way it is” i thought i would follow up here with a further finding.

when my bake finally finished i realized there were some overlapping UVs in the mesh. i created a second UV channel with no overlap to use for the bake, and my render time went down substantially.

as overlapping uv’s are something that can easily occur when using tiling source textures, multiple materials, etc, its definitely a “gotcha” to keep an eye out for.

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I also find it helps to have the hipol version with just one object instead of many, any more ideas?