Cycles based blended fading circle (radial gradient) how to create?

I am looking for somethng typical.
I try to create soly based on cycles a texture that looks like below

i’ve been toying a lot with cycles sometimes i see partial circles in the preview but so far i had no luck putting a radial gradiant on flat surface, i never get a nice round look to it.
Anyone an idea for it ?

What about a spherical gradient?

You take the coordinates, subtract the center, plug into a Gradient Texture set to Spherical and you use the Factor to drive a color ramp. Easy as pie. :wink:

(Don’t look for a Vector Input node. It’s just a Combine RGB in a node group.)

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Alright, how about this: Circle Gradient.blend (91.3 KB)

edit: Hm, looks like Kaluura beat me to it. Though with a slightly different approach i think.

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wow looks nice just what i tried to do, great !!!
and it looks so logical, to you it must be so easy i guess, to me it was hours of trying to get it, i didnt knew what shaders and vectors to use
thanks for this great sample

Thanks , kaluura for this tip :eyebrowlift2:

for people wondering why i was looking for such patern, well one can do nice things with this.
if you use it combined with a transparancy shader; create glow light without using aftereffects, or one could use it to base other textures on. For example you have a cube as a wall, but you want to corners not that visible, with above setup you could create those, it might also be nice in bump maps / mirror setups… its kinda basic a radial gradient its used often.

But… where is the β€œvector input” node ?
I dont seam to have it in my blender version (runing latest offical build)


I solved the vector node differently, i used a node called vector math.
It can add 2 vectors, you can type them in there my first vector in there = 0,0,0 and the other 0.5 0.5 0.5 and then i added them

@Razorblade: Just what I show in the screenshot… but I prefer to subtract. :wink:

And I made the β€œVector Input” node group a long time ago because I found it very clunky to enter values in the Vector Math node… and you can’t see them in a screenshot, nor access directly the components.

@kaluura, well i’ve not done grouping nodes with input pannels, i guess someday i will learn that too, but as for now i focus on other blender parts, photo realism. movies, bones, things like that…there is so much to learn, i try to spend each day a few hours in blender instead of watching TV, where i learn nothing.

thank you very much