Cycles Bedroom

Hi guys, this is my last project, using Blender 2.91 / Cycles / Krita


Thats’s awesome!

Nice picture!

You’re #featured! :tada:

carpet fold is too pronounced !

good lighting

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tks man :smiley: !!

Gorgeous! Eduardo1, can u give me an advice for making realistic interiors?

I faced troubles with colors and jaggy-graidients, when i use krita to post-process render. Can u please make a tutorial or point me to that one? Sorry for pushing, just curious

nice Bart!!! tks!!

hi, can you show me an example?

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Hello, in my opinion, the technical part is getting easier. Setting up the renderer and inserting the lights today is very simple. What we need to study a lot, is the artistic part (color harmony, photography, composition). At least for me, the artistic part is something it took me to start studying, but it made all the difference in my work. YouTube has a lot of content on the subject, if you need help just talk: D

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tks man, looking now, I agree with you.

Thx for the reply, man. I’d like to see your fav videos from Youtube! I’m interested in lighting setup and post processing. Material setup and modelling - not so difficult. And if u use addons that strongly help u - it can help me too.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!