Cycles bump/normal problem

Hi guys,

I began adding the panels on my F16 WIP, and ran into some issues. I’m getting these weird double lines on the texture and don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Weird double lines:

Bump Map created in Photoshop saved as JPG:

Cycles Node setup:

I’ve tried adding a Bump Node or a Normal Map Node or Normal Node and still get the double lines in more or less extent and not a more of a “line” with some sort of bump.

look at you BW bump map !

it may help to use a real bump map too!
to work better it needs to be blurred!

bump map image at bottom should go into a BW node then to a multiply node
and should be no color type

happy bl

Thanks RB!

For the Normal Map I’m using Nvidia’s Texture Tool Plugin.

But still got the double lines…I’ll check the bottom bump map setup…Will post results

Thanks once again

well for normal map you need another set up!
sorry where do you see double line on that normal map?

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This might be an issue that is a mix of the image’s low resolution and lack of anti-aliasing.

When you blow up a low-resolution map onto a larger object, you will get a stepping effect that is caused by the interpolation algorithm (Cycles cannot really ‘guess’ what the texture would look like at a higher resolution on its own). One way to make this better could indeed be making it a normal map, but it will just smooth out the pixels and the best way to increase quality is to increase the resolution.

Thanks AD, I created the project from view UV map of the F16 it worked out to be 207x1012px, took it to PS and created the panels using the wireframes as guide and then save them as JPG, then applied them either as bump or as normals (as you can see I also created the normal map in PS)

This was the worflow that I understood to be from online tut’s on UV unwrapping and bump/normal texturing in Cycles.

An to answer RB’s question

sorry where do you see double line on that normal map?

This morning before I started working I came back to the image to see it in fresh light and eyes :slight_smile: and noticed that what is giving me the illusion of double lines is that the bumps are rised and not sunken. I’ll try tonight to invert them.

Anyway, thanks both for your input.