Cycles camera tracking ground plane shows up as darkened area on render

Hi Guys,

I’m a noobie here so please be gently. I’ve been getting into blender for about 5 months now and I’m finding it to be an amazing piece of software that i struggle to believe is free. Hats off to the guys that put it together and continue to do so.

Anyway my question. I’ve created a model in cycles which i would like to animate rising up through a pair of sliding doors. I’ve done the camera track and my model appears in the video. As i only want to see the sliding doors and the model as it rises up through them I’ve placed them so that the ground plane hides what i don’t want to see.
The trouble is that when I render the image the ground plane outline can be just seen, like a slightly dark piece of glass over the background video. I tried expanding the ground plan to cover the whole image and it, as expected, darkened the whole background video.

Please see attached picture for example.

Is there a setting that i need to tick? Or is there a better way to mask an area i don’t want to show in the render?

Any ideas, suggestions, help, would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you.


try toggling off ‘tracable’ in the shadow plane material

Hi Modron. Thanks for the reply and help it helped steer me in the right direction as I have managed to clear the issue. Hopefully i can continue without anymore issues.

I have managed to clear the issue.

I went to ‘Render’ section. Then ‘Layers’ drop down section. Clicked on ‘background’ to bring up its options. Selected same mask layer that is selected in the ‘foreground’ options(toggle between ‘foreground’ and ‘background’ to see the different options they both have). Then unticked ‘AO’ under the ‘passes’ section.

Hopefully that’ll be it and i can continue with my render animation. Fingers crossed…

Hi all,

Maybe you can help me with the problem Blast_uk did have. I am not able to render my camera tracking (in Cycles) whithout visible ground planes. And I also have a glossy underground (the furniture in my home) where I want to place my created objects on. So there won’t be only shadow visible, but also some mirroring effects. Maybe one of you can help me…with screenshots or something else…

Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile: