Cycles Depth of Field. In the compositor.

Hey. I can make depth of field in cycles, but is it possible to do the DOF like in Blender Internal, where you do it with the Defocus node in the compositor? It’s better for me, because I don’t want to commit to the DOF as it is just yet, and if I can do it that way, I can start rendering and deal with the depth of field values later when I’m compositing. Thanks.

Yes it is.

I know how to do that. Thanks though. What I want to know is how to render in cycles with the depth of field information but not with the depth of field it self in the render. I want it to render without DOF but when I apply this node, I want it to focus on the right thing. I’m not sure if making myself clear. :slight_smile:

He just answered your question. I think you are asking for something else entirely.

Also I meant to include the top of the window that shows this is Blender Internal.

Okay, I re-read your statement. How FloridaJo showed is the right answer, but your solution is needing another element. You will need to enable the camera’s limits under the camera tabs, and set the distance in the tab under the usual place you choose focal element from to move the cross along the camera’s focal line til it matches the point you want the focus to be. That coincides with the fstop setting in your defocus node, correct?

Or like in my example, in the ‘focus’ box on the right side of the image, I put in Cube.002 (can be any object.)

It’s just that cycles does depth of field directly in the render. But I guess that if I put the values so that it is not defocused in the render and then use the defocus node it will work. Thanks. :slight_smile: