Cycles Development Updates

Thanks you, I got the branch to build but got errors in Cuda and Optix kernels.
Nice WE for testing.

Cheers, mib

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Daaaaaamn… hype was worth it :smiley:

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yw, I tried building it too, but got infinitely stuck on hpdf_destination.h
Prolly just a one time thing. :slight_smile:

Hi, I make a new thread about CyclesX for testing.

I guess there are other Cycles development in the next month, at least I hope so.

Cheers, mib


cycles is 10 years old :open_mouth:
That means I’ve been using blender for 10 years. Wow what a journey.


Guys, I hope you don’t mind that I’ve moved the recent Cycles-X related posts to the new dedicated thread about that. I think Cycles-X deserves its own discussion. Come join us there:


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Hi, Cycles development goes further:

I will check the patch on top of CyclesX, if I can get it to work.

Cheers, mib
EDIT: Cant get anything meaningful out of it. :thinking:

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Does anyone have a performance regression when using Optix vs CUDA? I was experimenting with 2.93, (we are still on 2.79), testing out both Optix and CUDA, and Optix was around 30-40% slower then CUDA?

I thought reading around that CUDA was supposed to be slower than Optix. Maybe its the scenes we do.

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Optix is slower then Cuda if you are using a 10xx graphics card or lower, it needs those RTX GPUs to take advantage of their RT cores / Tensor cores.

Some pretty impressive test with the experimental texture caching branch.


Open Image Denoise v1.4.0


On a brand new windows laptop (meaning it’s sat on a shelf for 2 years with no driver updates) OIDN produces a blank image in 2.92, 2.93, 3.0, and cycles-x. I’ve run windows update and nvidia driver update and it’s still happening.

Better detail preservation sound great. NLM denoiser might eventually be obsolete.

On a sidenote - any news about new rendering developer? Seems like Cycles-X stole the spotlight so far.

I believe the new render engineer starts in June, so we are a few weeks out from his first commits.


I’d love to see that on an animation and see how stable it is.

Please, write how to do that? What is pre-filtering?

Another big nail in the coffin of NLM, literally the only thing the old solution will have going for it now is the temporal denoising, but the Blender devs. did not even bother to expose it to the GUI (console only).

So it looks for sure like it will no longer be possible to produce a result where detail from the noisy image is actually lost, good.

This is from an intel developer working in OIDN, not in cycles currently but the library could be updated at some point relatively soon.