Cycles diamond dispersion render... Issues

Does anyone know why this is happening? The heart of the problem is that it will only render some of the polygons (ie the noisy things in the image) and nothing else

see these

but there are other ways too!


Mostly the problem is that I can’t get past the bugginess

can you upload sample file so we can looks at it


Could it be that we see default greyish World light mostly in this picture? Turn it black, use light emitting planes to light diamond.
See this result/material node setup too.

Diamond.blend (358 KB) This should illustrate the nature of the problem.

dia1.blend (134 KB)

try this one instead

salutations you upload sample file so we can looks at it

You’re still on blender 2.59… :(. I would suggest getting a fresh one… Cycles since then had advanced a lot.

Two things can happen. The refractive/reflective material needs background things (lights, background objects) to reflect or refract. Sometimes you also need to increase the number of bounces, in this case transparency bounces, to make light reach all faces of the object.

btw the cycles installs for windows are on graphicall right?

would 1024 suffice? or are we talking more cuz it’s still only rendering a couple triangles

Oh, and btw change normals direction…

I found other cycles dispersion setups at Blendswap:

The render image looks fine

Can anyone tell me how to build one from scratch ?

what do you mean ?