cycles fog/smoke or something.. idk what it is

i was working on Ray & Clovis
they wanted some sort of particles or alien space plasma or something lol
i use particles and blur them like crazy… looks awesome :smiley:
it even works animated

check us out

Nice work. I love the effect.

:smiley: thanks
it takes an extra 8 seconds per frame to render the particles and blur them like that which is pretty amazing

That’s a pretty cool idea. Could become very useful.
One thing that’d be neat to consider is having that plasma interwoven in the scene (instead of overlaying on top)… I wonder if that could be done with some layer masks, perhaps? Idk. Just a thought.

hmmmm i have no idea

Cool solution. I wonder if you could bias the blur amount by using another pass value to get a gradient from the bottom of the particles? That way the smoke would be more dense towards the bottom, then disperse as it gets higher.

that could probably be done with a hand made gradient couldn’t it? unless the point the particles are emitted from moves