cycles/freestyle "viper" revolver

Hello everyone!

An other project I hope is worth sharing: the hand painted “viper” revolver.
I call it that because it is inspired by one of the “Thing thing” game series kickass guns, however, given the way I modified it, “buffalo” revolver would probably fit better. Unless someone can come up with a better name.
Borderlands was also a source of inspiration.

The gun is animatable of course. Each piece is hand painted, for a total of 22 high res textures.
BoolTool does wonders for that kind of modeling, although it can lead to issues when unwrapping.

rendered in cycles and freestyle.

I’d be considering to share the .blend file if some people want it. Also got a lot more renders.

Feel free to comment!

The Borderlands inspiration came through perfectly. Very nice!

Thank you!