cycles glass question

Hi, I’ve been just starting to experiment with using cycles and was wondering if I should be tweeking something as it pertains to glass.

I created a simple glass bowl and when using only the world lighting (background I think) the glass looks ok. But when I incorporate it into a different scene that is lit using a plane set to emission, the render looks good on most the render except for certain sections of the glass. I’m getting sparkles in various parts, in some cases, the noise gets worse as the passes increase.

Not sure if I need to tweek any additional settings in either the plane or perhaps the glass. Im pretty much using just the preset for the glass with the color changed, beckman, roughness 0,

After uploading, either due to compression or resizing the problem isn’t as apparent as when looking at it on my monitor, but the sparkles appear in front side of the bowl closest to the camera, and in the area where you see wood organizer thru the glass.

Any suggestions would be appreciated - Carl