Cycles Gold Shader


I have been trying to create a cycles gold shader. I had seen lots of node sets, but I didn’t find one which satisfies me. I saw glossy mixtures like a poor shader.

Here is my solution. I have created a node set which provides three colors to the shader. Basically, I use fresnel facing to mix to colors, one in the center and one in the parallel reflections, and an another node using vectors geometry to simulate a kind of color shadow showed to backwards (sorry by my English).

This is the node configuration:

And this is one of the color and rough configurations:

I have created three kinds of gold, depending on my references: Egypt, Colombia and Jewelry. And these are the results, using HDRi and 200 passes:

Glossy Egypt Gold:

Glossy Colombia Gold:

Ultra Glossy Jewelry Gold:

I’m not sure which gold configuration is more realistic.

You can download these blender shaders and others (14 presets including ancient gold) at blendswap:

Comments are welcome!

Very nice work thanks for sharing.

sorry but we cant download file from blendswap
i think they have had many problems in last month and still do !

can you upload the file here


@elbrujodelatribu, thx, very good materials.:yes:
@RickyBlender, no problem with downloading on blendswap, do you have an account there?

Cheers, mib.

Sorry, double post.
Cheers, mib.

i had one but cannot register anymore!

but also bizla treid this morning and he could not also!

tried a few times and they got too much problems


nice work on the Ultra Glossy Jewelry Gold

Hi, the blend file I used for tests is here. It has the node groups and some of the presets but not all of them.

You can download the hdri image at Devianart:§ion=&q=hdri+pack#/d1v6pv4


prueba_monkey_gold_hdri.blend (810 KB)