Cycles Hair Braid - how to set up single cord braid?

hi everbody,
i recently tried to generate a braid with the Hair particles, but it seems that by default a braid is always made of at least two cords, here A and B:

Is it possible to set up a single cord braid, like this ?

Some help would be nice !

Thank you.

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A braid is by definition made up of three cords (at least), while what you ask for is made by two cords, so i think that it’s not possible to get with particle children which are created automatically by three cords for each strand.


Hi Paolo,
thanks for the reply, but it seems that i had a little misunderstanding in my explanation: What i am trying to achieve is a SIGNLE Cord braid. Just a bundle of hair, twisted around an axis - similar to the screw modifier for meshes, but only to twist hairs. The desired result does not necessarily to be achieved using the braid function - maybe there is another way or setting using a modifier or force field - i tried force fields also, but until now i did not get any result.

The idea has also to not to create only one Single Cord braid, but a bunch of it (say 100 or more).

Does somebody have an idea to this ?


I can’t really help you, sorry about that, but in your picture the object is made of two interwined threads.

What you want to achieve, from the reference, is made with two cords wrapped around each other, not one.
EDIT: i have seen just now the post from Hadriscus, this comment was superfluous, sorry.

Said that, the only option with hair could be through the Curl kink, I made an attempt and you have to use the max number of segments (50) and the max number of display steps (10) to get this:

with a higher frequency of the curl (in the image it is 200) these number don’t suffice.

I don’t know whether it is feasible.


You could perhaps do them by a Helix curve, and you can even get them to be used as object for hair system. EDIT: but not combed or arranged one by one.



Hey, I am late to this topic, but I still suggest you to look into my addon demo video, which show you how to generate this kinds of single cord braid with it. see Demo 2 in this video.