[Cycles] I'm at my wits end with a Volume Emission bug (fixed file link)

Bender 2.82+ issue.

I’ve been fighting this for months now. To explain, whenever I have a volume driven by emission, and I’m not slap bang on the origin, I get this annoying as all hell firefly flare at any hard edges. Even simple emissions have this problem.

Worst part is it only applies when there are meshes behind the objects. It doesn’t care about world textures. The brightness of the fireflies also directly correlates to the brightness of the volume emission.

I can mitigate it to a point by applying a Laplacian smooth, but it’s not very practical (nor does it solve the problem fully), and the fact it happens with bog standard primitives really hurts. I’ve tried everything including the nuclear option of completely removing Blender/all files and remaking the scenes, but no luck.

I’m going to include the file I’ve supplied screenshots here with, it’s a bit rough (my cycles node tree is disgusting) but it’s thrown together quickly to show the problem. Has anyone got any ideas?

I’ve tried: The usual tricks to mitigate fireflies, changing the volume steps, changing the scene scales to remove any issues with floating point… Tried different hardware configs too just in case it was a cuda issue. Nope…

Blender friends I need your help!

Should I submit a report? Do you lot see this or is it hyper-local to me?

The file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/auue35al2c1bx4a/volume_assistance.blend?dl=0

Edit: Much to my upset in my tired state I uploaded the wrong file. New file up.

You’re overthinking. If you’re looking for a jet engine it’s better to have a real video as reference and try to copy colors and look using very simple shaders. Keep in mind correct scale, Blender doesn’t process well very small or big stuff. For world, go for a dark solid color or a HDRi.
Try this tutorial: https://youtu.be/SoYq9pIwVw8
Free HDRi: https://hdrihaven.com/
Use blackbody node for colors: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_temperature

Thanks for your answer, for some reason I only just saw the notification.

Unfortunately I’d love to think it was my obnoxious material node tree, but I’ve found the bug exists with even simple volumes near the origin. I’ve since reported it here, with more detail: https://developer.blender.org/T86742

I’d argue fireflies on any volume that happens to use emission and a low density value is a problem.