Cycles import .obj with textures

in blender 2.75 how is it possible when importing a .obj file to import the correct textures into the cycles engine. I’m currently having to resort to using the blender render engine and the quality of my renders just aren’t cutting it. Previously I’ve used a python script to convert it. However in 2.75 that script no longer works and is very frustrating as to why?

Is this such a trouble to drag and drop texture(s) from uv editor window to some cycles node group you save as a template in your default . blend?
You could have at least mentioned which exactly script you used to use to convert bi to cycles or ask in python/ addons forum if somebody could have a look at the script.

Drop in some bits of useful information. Please?

This might be inconvenient, but did you know you can have several blender versions on one pc?