Cycles LCD or 7 segment display

Hey guys. I have been doing some tests with making a little LCD display, and since I didnt find anything on it, I though I would post what I got. I’ll make a how-to after I iron out a few things.

It ends up working really well for 7 segment LED’s, and somewhat ok for LCD displays. My question is is there any way to get a nice sharp clean image through a texture? When you look at a texture close up, you can see its kind of blurred. Im assuming its because of the way cycles works, but any input from you guys?

The best way imo is to use the sharpen node in the compositor, since the textures are blurred before rendering to eliminate aliasing

I would try to break the pixels of the lcd into individual faces, that way you can manipulate the uvs to use the texture data, but maintain the sharp edges of the faces.