Cycles Material Library for Easy access

I am wanting some advice on how to set up a Cycles material library. I know how to Link or Append from a .blend file but I would like another option, if possible, to create just a material library that I can access within Blender. Is this possible. Yes I have done a Google search but came up empty. Probably using the wrong search parameters. :wink:

this is a pretty easy solution:
You save blends with nodegroups in a folder and then you can add them in the shift-a menu

florianfelix Thanks With me being newish to Blender is this included in 2.71 if not where do I put the .py script. /Scripts/addons?

it is included in the daily buildbot builds:
but not the official release builds.
If you use a buildbot build in the addons tab you have to look for it with the ‘testing’ filter enabled.
If you don’t have it you can use the install from file option at the bottom of the addons tab and install the downloaded py file from there.

OK cheers. Yeah I don’t do dailies only public releases. Thanks for helping out, much appreciated.