Cycles Material Studies (Volume 12)

Which one would you pick? :wink:

More info (with high res renders) at

That tomato is spot on Reyn…well done sir;)

Very nice! I think that the tarmac one looks a bit more like gravel… but maybe it’s different where I come from… :wink: I like the tomato one! :slight_smile: Have you ever thought of doing some shader forge tutorials for blender cookie?

These are amazing! Could you do a tutorial on a few of these materials cause I can’t get mine to look this good.

Great work


Really nice, where is the blend?

Super nice set of materials this time around.
Now you just need to add some dynamic bumps like this to the tomato and animate it :wink:

Beautiful, as always.

I haven’t really thought about that one yet. :wink:

Indeed! That’s some nice research they’ve got there. On the same note, I plan on animating an aging of the tomato. Who knows. :wink:

Hi reyn

These are great as are all you textures, what are you planning to do with all you stuff, is it just for you or are you planning to put it in a library and sell it?


hey! great job with materials :slight_smile: I wonder, are they all procedural? if so, do you also share your recipies or you are saving those for your future cookbook to sell? :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks! :wink:

A guide is definitely in the plans. However, for the materials, I would probably have to make some announcements soon. We’ll see. :wink:

Loving that tomato! Thats’s great!

Yeah an aging tomato would be really cool.

I can’t choose between the tomato and the marble.:smiley: Is the marble procedural?