Cycles - material with random texture

A small experiment to get random textures in the same material.
maybe it can help someone.

I don’t know if this is the best way, however this works.
The material load one image with a grid of 3x3 texture and only uses one, random.
Source images example:

And a view of the node editor:

There is a colorRamp node to change background color for each textures (always the same color for the same texture); for my render test I used a greyscale but in the blend file there is also a “colored” version.
here the blend

The same method can be used with denser grids (4x4, 5x5…), but I am too lazy to try :slight_smile:


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Thank you very much,

I was just about to figure this out, but it didn’t work 100% properly :slight_smile:

Amazing !!!
Tkz for share :yes:.

Thank you very much. The link of the blend file is no longer valid.
Can we see colorsramp unfold. Because I do not find how to configure them.

I know. The post is old, but I still try.