Cycles materials basics

Hi guys

I’ve got a project with a tight deadline I could do with some help with.

I’d like the ‘villi’ to all have a pinky grey colour (or grey speckled with pink) that then becomes a deepening red over the course of the animation. I’m use to the internal render engine, cycles has really got me confused and I’m worried I haven’t I’ve the time to trawl through video tutorials on it, if anyone out there would be able to help me with an example set up I’d be very appreciative.

I’ve linked to my Google Drive as I can’t get the uploader to work

Thanks in advance

First, may I suggest to keep the name of the blend file reasonably long? :wink:

Second, you haven’t even started to make the material. Then you need to show us some image of what it should look like. I can do at least a thousand of grey with pink speckles materials… and none will look like anything you’d want to use. :evilgrin:

Help those from whom you ask for help. :eyebrowlift:

Thanks Karuula, -please find an example blend file of roughly what I’m trying to achieve with Cycles (that I can do with the Internal render engine) attached :wink:

Basically all I’m trying to find out is how to use/apply the basic cloud etc textures that I could do so easily in the Blender internal that I can’t seem to figure out in Cycles. I’m not familiar with the node based system yet. All the tutorials I’m watching skip over & just go straight to UV unwrapping and complex image textures etc…

Help much appreciated!


blender internal texture example to show KALUURA on blenderartistsorg.blend (541 KB)

:smiley: I didn’t need the blend file, just the image was enough.

For your enlightenment: Just think about what you’re doing with Blender Internal. You add a noise texture to the material, then a color ramp. Just do the same in the node tree. You’ll see there isn’t 1000 and 1 ways to plug the 2 nodes together. :wink:

Like this:

And you plug the Color output of the color ramp where you need it. (For example, the Color input of a shader node.)

Here, I also used Texture Coordinates set to Object. (That’s what I use in general when I don’t unwrap.)

Note that (Alas! Triple alas!) Cycles doesn’t offer all the noise options available with Blender Internal.

That’s all. Class dismissed! :wink: