Cycles mist using volumetric Materials

Hey guys, im trying to achieve a ground fog/ mist around the lower terrain to have like a spooky effect, im uploading a sample file…

Hope you get what im saying,

I wanna know how to achieve like a fade out from the bottom part to top… Please check the screenshot :smiley:

blender artist question.blend (442 KB)

You can use a colorramp and a gradient texture to mix two scatter nodes with different density. The black and white colorramp values act as a mask, and can be used to change the apparent transparency (scatter density) You could replace the lower scatter node with a transparent node, or a combination.

Looks like this:
blenderartistquestion-mod.blend (520 KB)

ZOMG im bad at resolving my issues at nodes. THANK YOU! :smiley:

I will post you the scene that im working on when its done :smiley:

That’s a nice trick Photox!