1. Set up your cycles JUST like you want it.
  2. Render it in slot 1. (It’s all gritty.)
  3. Go to compositing.
  4. Add a fast gaussian blur of the Renderlayers(RL).
  5. Add a mix between the Blurred RL, and the regular RL.
  6. Connect the mix to the composite.
  7. Render NOW in slot 2.
  8. Compare.
  9. Thank peter drualik for his text dissolve tut that gave me the idea.

Also, it makes lights Glow, and gloss shine.

How do we know it’s not going to make edges with illumination differences glow as well, and what about the preservation of detail on high-frequency textures?

For this to be a serious solution it would not only have to avoid making glows in any spot where there’s differences in illumination, no blurring in textures, and little to no splotchiness where the noise is blurred.

Solution: no more fireflies!

  1. render your scene
  2. press F3, save as you like
  3. load image in photoshop
  5. voila! the fireflies are gone!

Kemmler, that’s what is said to throw the baby out with the bathwater!



I just made a fancy house with a harp, glossy chandelier, zebra fur floors, and golden rails…it looked awesome, so I posted the compositing.

polygon studios,
I can not see any image nor link in your last post, just an empty space, it’s me?



or maybe, you applied the Kemmler’s method of correction, now I understand…LoL

Can we get some Before and After results?

Sorry, but I can’t post images.
(neither can dragonspammer.)

I forgot to say I am 12.