Cycles Nodes with Transparency Help Needed

I am trying to create a material that will work as chiffon, which is an open weave fabric that appears transparent. I have an Image Texture that is working for the bump. The problem is my transparency and color. I need to be able to change the color of the fabric in Blender at will using the Diffuse BSDF (best case scenario).

I created an Image Texture (black background image below) > Invert > Transparency BSDF and this drops out the black in the image and leaves the transparency where I want it (between the fabric weave). This leaves an ugly black on the material for the weave. I need the weave to be a color. If I use a Mix Shader between the Transparency and the Diffuse, it doesn’t drop out the ugly weave in the transparency and it just reduces the color and applies it all over.

Is there any way to preserve the transparency placement, drop out the ugly black on the parts that aren’t transparent and apply a color to those parts only? The second color image is an example of what I’d like to do. The weave has color and the background is transparent. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Feed the colour shader and a transparency shader into a mix shader. Then use the b+w texture as the mix factor.
black = 0 = 100% top input of the mix shader input
white = 1 = 100% of the bottom mix shader input
grey = a mix of the top and bottom mix shader inputs

This is the most basic setup. When using black and white textures as a mask you should set it to non-color-data.

This setup is more fun:

For some reason, I wasn’t notified that anyone responded to my inquiry. Thank you for your suggestions. Here’s the node setup that I ended up using and it works very well. All you need to use is a png for both Image Texture nodes.