Cycles not baking properly?

I really hope someone has an idea of what’s going on here. I’m doing a complete “Combined” Cycles baking to get what shows in the first image below but when I render the seen with the texture I baked I get something completely different, second image below. The first image is just a normal cycles render with the nodes and the second is the baked texture on a emission node to a material output. It also looks the same (second image) when I put into Unity.

I hope someone has an idea on what’s going on cause I’m out of ideas at this point. The shadows just don’t seem to be present in the geometry. Thanks in advance for any help you guys give!!


Are the shadows present in the baked texture

Supply a simplified demo version with baked texture for review

Thanks for a response! Here is a screen shot of the baked texture. So yes and no. The shadows are present on the buildings, etc but not on the geometry (ground). Plus the shadows aren’t as strong as I would like them. Thanks again.