Cycles not render texture

Hello, I’m new here and I have a problem in cycles.
My texture does not appear in the render preview and not the final rendering.
I am using Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit

See if this one works for you

PNGs saved in GIMP, and packed images don’t work in Cycles. Known bugs.

Not to assault, but png from gimp works on this build. I had it not working but this was way back…

Thanks for your attention


Removing the background, I can see the wall, but nothing of the texture

Periquito, I wonder why in your images the wire between the diffuse BSDF and the Material output is black.


O-O… haven’t seen such a black wire… That would be a question in Cycles thread probably…
I’m on Fedora 32 bit, nv 9800, latest (week or so) nv drivers. What are yours? Have you updated them? What video card?
Also, you could try to start blender from terminal, might come up some error messages.

With respect to the nodes, that’s another problem I have. :frowning:
It may not look, but all these nodes are connected but not shown.

I’m on a laptop with onboard Intel video card, I do not know how to update your driver in Ubuntu.
I got no error message from open Blender in terminal
In Windows this problem does not happen.
In generated mode: :eek:

Now if i G for “2011 blender ubuntu intel video opengl” i get a lot of what you would not like to see at all :(.
Try google for your specific video card. Or look here

There is intelligence added in recent Cycles, leaving out connections of different kind of weird node trees in old files (correct me?) but old BI nodes should look just fine.

Or stay on a win for a while :(. Don’t think cycles to blame here.