Cycles object info node error?

Hi all,

I have small problem with object info node.
Just a simple model , two spheres, one at [0,0,0], other at [1,0,0].
I would like to have a material color defined based on the position. So I am using object info node and location to feed factor to color ramp.
But both spheres remain as they are placed at [0,0,0].
If I pull object location with a python script from object data ,it is reported correctly but if I access it via a node output value it is fixed at [0,0,0].
I have done it in earlier versions of blender like that and it worked.
BTW, object origin is at geometry.

Any ideas what am I missing?
thanks in advance!

Have you tried applying the object’s rotation and scale? this may fix the error

edit: you could also try sliding the blue color down the ramp, closer to the red.

Cycles glsl mode does not support all nodes (it only recently received support for procedural textures).

@ K.O - I didn’t even realise he was in viewport material mode :o… I need to pay more attention :no:

@ MateC Yeah, you will have to use the rendered preview in the viewport if you want to edit outputs of that node and see the results real time.
An easy and fast way to do this is to plug the output of the color ramp to an emission node with a strength of 1.00, and plug the emission shader into the material output. This will display the colours from the ramp with no noise, enabling you to quickly edit the ramp and see the effects in the viewport with minimal samples.
You can then use Shift+Z in the viewport to switch between “Rendered” view and your previous view setting :slight_smile:

Thanks all. Indeed when in rendered view all works correctly.