Cycles Performance

(Alphisto) #21

Implementing something like UHD cache would be great but I think it should be done with the GPU in mind even if it means couple of years for it to be done… it makes everything so much more complicated to implement but doesn’t cause inconsistency. Cycles is more GPU than CPU oriented and cache would be a big step comparable to denoiser.

Are you sure? I think CPUs got a much bigger boost in the past 1 year than GPUs.

It was true from like 2012-2017 when Intel was kind of sitting on the throne and getting fat.

But recently you must have noticed that AMD pushed the limits and suddenly the race is on.

(marcoG_ita) #22

I actually agree, I’ve just seen nvidia keynote summary, really disappointed about the 2080ti being just 11gb and crazy prices…new Quadro series are very interesting (up to 96 gb with Nvlink) but prices are not for everyone certainly.

(razin) #23

the 2080 also support Nvlink

(yolao) #25

I hope Cycles will have something like Corona UHD cache, is really very fast and i personally have not seen issues with flickering or anything like that when rendering animations.

And talking about GI Cache in the GPU, i believe Redshift does that, right?, Brute Force GI together with Irradiance Point Cloud and Irradiance Cache…

(rawalanche) #26

Yes, Redshift, Corona and V-Ray all have caching of secondary GI bounces and none of them flicker in animated scenes these days.