Cycles render : Black screen / black render objects (while and after rendering) help!

Hello guys :slight_smile:

I just started to use Blender so thats totally means I am a Noobie.
So I tried to do a low poly mountain scene and I finished it.
But when I rendered it… It turned out to be a whole black screen.
Pleasee help me. I need to finish the project before school starts! :(:frowning:

By the way, here is my .blend file~ Please help me…

You have set the exposure (Render > Film) to 0, which means that no light reaches the imaginary “photo sensor”… Set that back to the default setting of 1 and all should be good.

Have you added any lamps in your scene? It could be because there’s no light so the scene isn’t being shown. Like being in a completely back room with no light. Can’t see a thing. Lol