Cycles Render frame vs Viewport Render

Hi all,

I’m having an extremely strange issue that I haven’t been able to figure out for the life of me. So this first image below is the result of a cycles Render frame. It shows a geometry that has been outdated for some time now (notice on the tile surface the stretched uv artifact and overlapping the glass panel).


This is how I would like for it to look. This image is from the viewport rendering.


For some reason, render frame seems to render the geometry from about an hour ago. Camera position switching did not work and neither did restarting Blender.

You sure it’s not hidden geometry? Go into edit mode and try unhiding.

I wish that It were that simple. But it seems that there’s a persistent issue with the way it’s UV unwrapping…I was somehow able to fix the issue with the location, but the UV persists. I was able to verify that there is not a hidden geometry by deleting the suspected geometry and saw that it disappeared in the render entirely.

Cycles Render Frame


AH! I figured it out…I had a solidify modifier turned off on viewport…-_-