Cycles - Render Light particles


Guys i´m having problem with some strange particle on my render, in the top off the cars , wath can i change to get more correct render,tks


At a first glance, you have light source not far from that cars, and that bright pixels are actual specular highlight, but with that light+ camera+ surface relative position that light path too rare to make fast converging. You need much more passes, or tweak scene to make that path more chance to succeed.

plz post same scene with “No caustic” turned off, it is hard to guess light source position. BTW, 40 bounces is overkill, it only waste CPU resources, imagine any float number powered by 40, it easy exceed float number precision, use 8-12 for objects with glass. You need that (max bounces > 12 ) only for very special cases, like weird geometry scene with almost white surfaces everywhere.