Cycles Render new Proposal

Sorry if this is in the wrong section/topic, but I have a new proposal for the cycles rendering method. The current method is very annoying for beginners rendering in cycles because they don’t know what’s a good amount for final render samples. I’m proposing a new way to start rendering, or at least creating an add-on. Instead of the traditional method of cycles rendering, I propose to render the whole image 1 sample at a time. If anyone accidently sets the samples too high, then the user won’t have to wait for the over used single-tiles to render, they would rather wait until the image looks good enough for them and then cancel the rendering, thus having a full picture of great quality despite oversampling.

This new method will also allow you to catch small errors only reviled to the user by find detailed sampling. They can then cancel the rendering at say…500 samples…and fix the error and re-render. In the traditional way, you would have to wait for the machine to render say …3000 samples of every tile and then find out the error, thus wasting hours, or days.

this method is sort of like the preview method for cycles, but much more optimized and will include all elements just like the traditional one.

I just wand some opinions on this way…does it sound like a good idea, or is there already something like this?

Use the progressive render option if you want something like this. Its already built in. It is just slower.

Back in the day, this was actually the only way you used Cycles. You can still access it by enabling:

Render Settings > Performance > Progressive Refine

I don’t think there’s a way to disable max samples and let it run forever though, so just set it to something ultra-high.

Btw, if you need to re-render with more samples, don’t throw away your old render. Save it (as EXR, not an integer format), then do the re-render with a different seed and combine the two in post. You’ll get a cleaner result than either version by itself.

Oh wow, thanks! I’m kind of new with cycles, because I’ve actually used it, but only for basic renderings…really helps me a lot :slight_smile: can’t believe I missed something like that :confused: