Cycles Render no image

Hi guys sry if this is the wrong thread I didnt know where to post.
So when I hit render, it renders for a while and then when its finished there is no image at all.
Any idea why?
Ignore the left side.
Blende file:

u have use composit nodes checked in the compositor (look in the compositor)

Yeah, but “Compositing” is turned off in the Render > Post Processing settings:

And even if it wasn’t, Blender would immediately show the black compositing result before even starting to render, as the compositing nodes don’t include a Render Layer node.

Anyway, this is my result from rendering your file (you did not pack the textures into the file… I replaced the environment texture, but of course don’t have your displacement texture):

In other words: It renders fine and there actually is a render result visible afterwards. Not sure what your issue is.

You’re using 4 levels of multires + 1 level of subdivision for rendering, meaning that your tree is over 3GB in the memory.
Deactivate the subdivision modifier for rendering and try again, it should work. If not, try CPU rendering, you should have enough RAM.

BTW, in your file you use cycles in GPU rendering mode with a tile size of 32x32, you should try 256x256 to get better render times.

Ye the 4 level is to much with 3 it does the work. Ty for your answers , I m little bit disapointed in my PC :frowning:

You shouldn’t be disappointed in your PC, going over 3GB in a scene with 1 object as “simple” as a tree is brute force (“simple” means it doesn’t need it’s 10 million tris to get the shape you want). Even professionals won’t use such a high geometry because it is too heavy to work with (imagine if you were to create a forest, two or three of these trees and no GPU on earth would have been able to render it). And I did not saw the interest of your displacement modifier over all this, which increases memory occupancy. Your tree goes from 380MB with multires at 4 to 2.5GB with multires4 + subdiv1, and to 3.2GB with multires4 + subdiv1 + displace.

Usually, when you finish a multires sculpt at a high level of details it is better to bake a normal map and to apply it to your basemesh, or to a lower level of details (baking your multires lvl 4 and applying it to basemesh or multires lvl 1-2 for example).

I know you will be able to do your scene a lot lighter and probably to render it on GPU, don’t give up !