Cycles Render

I rendered this in cycles working on my realism. Sampling set at 900 it rendered for about 4+ hours. Any Critiquing would be much apreciated.<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/a/1/a185e92e836fa133e9a8747af45f1e679c5628ca.pngstc=1" attachmentid=“216597” alt="" id=“vbattach_216597” class=“previewthumb”>


The materials look pretty good, but the fork looks oddly sized. I would fix the size/shape/scale of that first.

The pole at the centre of the plate is obvious as well, delete out the centre vert and fill with quads

Try adding a Background and then render it.Also learn about camera effects.

What vikrant means is to add an Environment Texture. And some smoke over the tea/coffee composited in from BI would help.

Thanks guys. yes i need to go back and do some steam over the coffee…i originally wanted to put dust in the enviroment but i couldnt get he particles right you couldnt see them in the camera view