Cycles Rendering from 2.71 to 2.71.5 becoming too dark

My rendering done in 2.71 imported to 2.71.5 build becoming too dark. My previous illumination was only a studio hdr image, setting on: background, Environment texture, equirectangular single image, strength 100

in 2.71 was pretty good, but in 2.71.5 becoming too dark, also found too difficult setting again it, seems the environment texture/lighting don’t work well like previous release.

Edit: also I had a glass surface and this had too big reflection or even if I improve of only 10 point my environment strength

Maybe try a newer build?
I never used 2.71.5, but with 2.71.6 I don’t see such a behaviour at all. Same scene file, HDR lighting only:

The only thing that looks different in both renders is the grey sphere on the right, but that’s because the algorithm for anisotropy has changed (at least I believe to have read that).

I’m a bit puzzled by your HDRI: You had to crank the strength up to 100?! Mine is set to 1.5 and I remember extreme cases with very dim HDRIs in which I had to go up to about 8. But 100? Sure that’s an HDRI? Some extreme clamping going on, perhaps?

thanks to your reply.
I used to import meshes from zbrush. A unify mesh in zbrush is really big in blender (and my model is even big for zbrush), I think this is the main reason I need a so big hdri image.
Unfortunately is a client model, so cannot show it, but maybe I’ll try to show only a piece.

Download and tested with 2.71.6, all work fine now
Thanks :slight_smile: