Cycles renders 3d model kind of ghosty (paid support)

Hi There I am total newbie and would need some help to get Cycles to render my scene correctly.
Support would be done via Zoom call and sharing screen (I want to learn what was the error on my side)

It renders quite slowish and the model I used stays kind of ghosty (issue 1), no colors (faces are colored by specific vertex colors), and when I export the animation the video is completely gray (issue 2)…

The 3D model used the the free mannequin model. I can provide the blender file for preparation and would be willing to pay 60€/hour (max. 2-3hours) to help me getting the scene set up correctly.

With the same scene i have also the issue that the mirror doesnt work in Cycles and in Eevee (issue 3). So its actually three issues

Please assists
Thanx Thomas

Hi Thomas!
I can help you with this and have already send you a private message! :slight_smile: