Cycles semi-transparent material

I’m working on a church model using cycles.
I need a material for the coloured glasses of the church. So i need a material that permits the diffuse lighting around the window, but avoiding the direct lighting of the floor. How can I achieve this effect?

In other words, the light (coming from outside the church, I’m using a sun light) should illuminate the glass and diffuse smooth lighting on the elements close to the window. At the same time, however, the glass material should prevent the light rays from impacting on the floor, avoiding the creation of the light print on the floor.

In other words, you need a Translucent shader. Or perhaps a combination of that and a Transparent one.

Oh… maybe :eek:
And how can I obtain them?

I did a small test and found out that the Transparency shader isn’t really necessary, at least not in this example. What you see below is just a plane with a glass texture assigned to it. The plane itself is enclosed in a box (sort of a room) that prevents any unwanted light to illuminate the window. As a light source I used two illuminated spheres placed behind the window, but really anything can be used in this case.

The way the noodles work is that a texture is assigned to the window material. But instead of using the Diffuse shader, you replace it with Translucency. This in turn is connected to the Mix shader which gives you control over the translucency effect using a Math node (set to Multiply). That’s basically it. Depending on your scene, the setup might not work entirely, but the principle should apply. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Daccy!

cannot read the nooldes here

where does the iamge color goes

i tried a few things and it was not working with the translucent shader!


Texture > Translucent > Mix Shader > Material Output

tried it with simple JPG no alpha value
and it does not like it

but i know how to do it with glass and add an image as alpha value
there was a video tut on crack glass a few weeks ago on this

but don’t remember this was using transp shader!


I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking at here. Is that rendered from the outside of the room?

i applied the transp to 2 planes and nothing comes out
not proc texture at all just greenish color
see nododes

i can upload file if you need to !


Haha! Well, check my previous screenshot. It’s supposed to be a Translucent shader, not Transparent. :wink:

need to work with UV unwrap also

and it works fine

but this would require i guess an image with some alpha values if you can get one for stainglass
which i’m not certain where you get these images ?

unless you make your own 3D model in blender with transp material