Cycles Spot Lamp Distance

Hey there! :slight_smile:

Can someone please tell me how I can adjust the ‘clipping’ of a spot lamp in Cycles Renderer?
In the Lampoptions, where I can set the color, stregth and so on, I didn’t find anything to make my spot lamp shine farer.

Maybe the distance depends on the strength, but the line which indicates the clipping (like when you activate ‘limits’ in the camera’s display options) doesn’t change, which irritates me.

Thanks, Ryanous

I don’t think light works that way in Cycles. You can only move the lamp closer or turn up the emission strength. There is a Light Falloff node under the Color menu inside the node editor. Add a light falloff and connect it to the color input of a lamp whose Use Nodes button has been clicked.


Distance is a function of intensity in Cycles by default. Read up on quadratic falloff. You can also switch to linear and constant, but then you lose accuracy.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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